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Building a restaurant has always been a dream for our family. After a year’s worth of planning, our dream had been fulfilled. We grew up in a small town; called Mackenzie and came to Vancouver 4 years ago. When our parents came from India they had a vision to open up an authentic Indian restaurant. Being so caught up working and taking care of their children they had put it to a hold. Eventually our parents and cousin Raj Sohal came together and opened what is known as today Navraj Sweets and Restaurant.

We serve an exquisite, enticing, and enjoyable Indian cuisine with an elegant seating area. We provide many services which include dine in, take out, catering for all occasions, Wi-Fi, and a welcoming environment that will leave an everlasting impression.

With our diverse chefs from parts of Asia that specialize in Indian Sweets, Indian Cuisine, Bengali Sweets, and South Indian Appetizers that give a variety of flavours which will guarantee a great taste in every plate...